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You can help the battlefield with your tax deductible donation to Friends of the Little Bighorn Battlefield (Friends). On February 24, 1998 Friends signed its first Memorandum of Agreement with the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (LIBI) becoming an official partner with LIBI and the National Park Service. Since then, we have succeeded in all of our project goals assisting LIBI.

Friends operates without a paid staff while led by a board of directors who give their time freely and without compensation. Expenses are kept to a minimum which ensures most of every dollar donated is used to help protect LIBI's natural and cultural resources. You can feel reassured that your donations will help the battlefield. 

We appreciate your donations and value your privacy and security. We do not share or sell your information, email, or address with anyone or any organization. If you contribute online by clicking on the PayPal "Donate" button below, your donation is well secured with PayPal.  Thanks again for helping Friends help the battlefield.

Remember that Friends is a non-profit 501 c3, so your donations are tax deductible.

Don't forget to check with your employer for matching contributions.


Friends' Successes

  • Cheyenne wayside exhibit on Battle Ridge – 2001

  • Indian Memorial donations – 2001-2003

  • Indian Memorial Dedication – 2003

  • Minniconjou warrior marker: Dog’s Back Bone  - 2003

  • Reburial of Fetterman soldier in Custer National Cemetery – 2004

  • Deep Ravine wayside exhibit at end of Deep Ravine Trail – 2004

  • Touch Screen Project - 2004

  • Assist with the archeological road survey - 2004

  • Cheyenne warrior markers: Limber Bones, Cut Belly, Closed Hand, and Little Whirl Wind – 2005

  • New webcams – 2005

  • Projects for 2006 – replace dead Spruce trees in Custer National Cemetery. And, new warrior granite markers -- stay tuned, still developing.

  • Project for 2007 - 2008 -- donated $5,000 to the NPS for use in the development of the Sitting Bull exhibit in the museum. Exhibit is scheduled for 2008.

  • Projects for 2009 --

    • Chief Curator Sharon Small requested $300.00 for materials to construct platforms to place some of the archived collections storage cabinets off the floor in case of an accidental water leak. The same donation also provides for materials to construct shelves to properly store the paintings that are currently leaning against each other.

    • $2,400.00 to fund one teacher as part of the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program started last year in the NPS. The teacher selected will spend two months at LIBI working in all the divisions. The following April, the teacher will wear the NPS uniform at school and share with his class some of the experiences he had while working at LIBI. It is a great way to instill an appreciation of the NPS and its programs with students. Supt. Hammond will require the teacher to write a report about his experience for the Friends newsletter.

    • Chief Historian John Doerner requested $800.00 to replace the batteries that power his electric cart. He uses this small vehicle to transport himself around the Monument. The final cost for the batteries totaled $600.00. The surplus will remain in the LIBI general fund which we’ll apply towards a future project.

    • $10,000.00 for an archeological assessment managed by Douglas Scott. Go here for specific information.

  • Projects for 2010 --

  • Projects for 2011 --

    • $5,000 to replace and update two waysides in the Custer National Cemetery and the garrison flag.

    • $3,900 for use in the White Swan Memorial Library, Little Bighorn's Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) strategy for invasive plants, and proper storage of the Elizabeth Bacon Custer collection.

  • Assist NPS each summer with volunteers for interpretation on Last Stand Hill, the Indian Memorial, along the Keogh/Crazy Horse and Deep Ravine Trails, and the Reno-Benteen Battlefield.

For a look at our projects beyond 2011 please visit our projects section of the website.

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