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The Battle

What happened at Little Bighorn?

Thanks to Gary Gilbert, we add a new segment to our "Warriors at Little Bighorn" page on August 12, 2012. He has dug into the books and discovered warriors who fought at the Little Bighorn and also later performed in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West shows as well as a variety of lesser known. Click on "Soldiers and Warriors" at right. Once on that page, click on "Warriors at Little Bighorn" and scroll down to click on "Warriors Wild West Shows".

New Sources on the Arikara Scouts


We'll deal with that question in this section of our website. Click on the navigation button to the right -- "Custer's Last Stand" to learn about the battle and George Custer. You can follow in the order that the battle progressed (lots of photos). Or visit "Dust to Dust" to learn about the burials and many reburials of the Custer dead. Learn about one of the horse survivors from the battle -- "Comanche: Lone Survivor" by Chief Historian at LBH, John Doerner. One of our most fascinating articles is "Changing Faces of Last Stand Hill" from a presentation former superintendent Neil Mangum gave during our second symposium in Hardin, Montana in 2002. It covers the history of Last Stand Hill through photographs.

You might want to check out "Road to Little Bighorn" which is a historical timeline starting in 1400 and finishes in 2003 with the dedication of the Indian Memorial. Our thanks to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument Chief Historian, John Doerner for contributing his timeline for you to enjoy. You can learn about Custer's Black Hills Expedition of 1874 by reading Friends' board member, Dr. Brian Dippie's article.

You'll also find a complete list of the soldiers and warriors who fought in the battle along with a similar list for the other columns of soldiers that fought in the Sioux War of 1876 -- select "Soldiers and Warriors." There are a lot more than those lists to look through, so expect to spend some extra time in this section.

“Battlefield Photos” – quite extensive and filled with most interesting items such as the before and after photos of Weir Point, D.F. Barry photo of Last Stand Hill, Crazy Horse photo (or is it?), winter photos of the battlefield, and high definition of every corner of the battlefield, and more.

"Was Custer A Psychopath?" is a rebuttal to a completely inaccurate statement made by the creator of HBO's  "Deadwood", David Milch.

Finally, in this section of our website is "Battle Art" – we present artists, Eric von Schmidt, Martin Pate, Thom Ross and their artwork. 

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