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Books About Archeology

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The Best Books About Battlefield Archeology

If you want to learn about the archeological digs at Custer's Last Stand, or battlefield archeology in general, then these are the must add books to your library -- no kidding!

Uncovering History: Archaeological Investigations at Little Bighorn

By Douglas Scott, Foreword Bob Reece

Finally, an accouny of all archaeological surveys conducted on and off the Custer Battlefield in one volume. Published in partnership with Friends and the University of Oklahoma Press. Your purchase helps Friends help the battlefield.


Archaeological Perspectives on the Battle of the Little Bighorn

By Douglas Scott, et al

This is the bible of the Custer Battlefield archeological digs from 1984-1985 and the number one selling Custer Battlefield archeological book sold on our website. Douglas Scott and his team each provide a detailed report from their specialized field that include: forensics, morphology, ballistics, and more.




Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle

By Richard Fox

The number two selling Custer Battlefield archeological book on our website. Fox presents his interpretation of Custer's Last Stand based on the same archeological data recovered from the battlefield in 1984-1985.



They Died With Custer: Soldiers' Bones from the Battle of the Little Bighorn

By Douglas Scott

Douglas Scott focuses on the forensics of the human remains found on Custer Battlefield. This technology will astound you, especially when it comes close to identifying some of the remains.



Archaeological Insights Into the Custer Battle

By Douglas Scott, et al.

First book released about the archeological digs at Little Bighorn -- this covers the 1984 dig only. What this book offers over all the others is the large slip-in map; one side spots every soldier marker on the battlefield along with its assigned number; the opposite side marks every artifact's location found on the battlefield.




Finding Sand Creek

By Douglas Scott and Jerome Greene

A fascinating and in depth book about the finding of Black Kettle's village at Sand Creek in southeastern Colorado. The extraordinary research methods of Greene shines through -- you won't believe what evidence he found buried deep in some archive that enabled the super sleuth detective, Douglas Scott, to apply his archeological discipline to solve the mystery of where the Sand Creek Massacre took place.


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