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We continually receive correspondence asking where to stay near Custer Battlefield, or when and where is the next Custer's Last Stand reenactment. Below you'll find information to help you decide how to get to Montana and what to do when you get there.

The following list of motels is not an endorsement for any of these establishments, or of things to do. If you find your business, or operation, or event is not on this list, please do not contact us to complain or ask to be added to the list.

We can't tell you which motels or camp sites would best fit your needs because what we think is great might not be great to you. Also, please take a few minutes to do a bit of research yourself. If you're reading this page, then you have access to the web. Conduct an internet search and you'll be amazed at what you'll find to meet your needs. Or, try the local Chamber of Commerce (all have websites and most have toll free phone numbers).

If you conduct an internet search for "Hardin Montana Chamber of Commerce" you hit a gold mine. There you'll find information about Custer's Last Stand Reenactment and the motels in Hardin (Hardin is 15 miles NW of the battlefield).

Hardin Lodging:

Lariat Motel
(406) 665-2683

Western Motel
(406) 665-2296

Super 8 Motel
(406) 665-1700                                                                                                         

Rodeway Inn
(406) 665-1870

The nearest towns from the battlefield are Crow Agency, Montana (down the hill from the battlefield -- no place to stay there); Sheridan, Wyoming (70 miles south on Interstate-90); and Billings, Montana (60 miles NW on Interstate-90). Remember, Google “chamber of commerce” to find what you need in these communities.

The nearest major airport is Billings, Montana. Anyone traveling from anywhere around the globe can fly their way to Billings. Also, any major bus carrier will eventually get to Billings. Most of the big auto rental firms operate out of the Billings airport.

No mass transportation (trains or buses) travel to the battlefield from anywhere.

Food in this region of Montana is loaded with Vitamin G (Grease), so be prepared for fast food living.

Good luck and have a very safe trip.

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